Technology – accelerating evolution

Biology is complex. As a result, engineering biology is largely based on trial and error. Success is therefore determined largely by our ability to intelligently build and test biology at scale.

Biosynthetic selections is a family of technologies powered by synthetic biology which robustly wires cell growth to product formation.

The technology allows only high-producing cells to grow under selective condition, while low-producing cells will disappear. In other words, Biosynthetic selections enable burning down of the haystack to find the needle while traditional technologies look through the haystack straw by straw. This dramatically improve throughput and lower R&D cost at the most critical step of strain engineering.

The large throughput enabled by Biosynthetic selections further means that Biosyntia can engineer biology radically different: instead of testing a few hypothesis (i.e a single gene knock down) we deploy multiplexing where 100’s of genetic targets are engineered combinatorially and in parallel to fully explore the design space.

Multiplexed engineering coupled to Biosynthetic selections generates large data sets that are highly suitable for learning by artificial intelligence (AI).

Combined, these technologies reduce development risk, reduce development cost and substantially accelerates time-to-market for new biotech processes.

Our product – delivering new fermentation processes

Biosyntia develops fermentation processes for producing new, natural, more sustainable and more cost-effective ingredients as replacement for fine chemical compounds. Examples are nutraceuticals, flavors, fragrances, feed additives, intermediates and more. Today, we are developing several natural ingredients, which have the potential to both offer higher quality and lower costs.

Our technology is world-leading within natural compounds and our team has built strong capabilities working on specific projects. Projects, which have lead to the best performing strains in the world for the targeted activities.

To complement our highly professional and recognized science team, we have very experienced, global business development capabilities.

We have our own lab facilities with the required equipment to hold all core development activities in-house. This capability combined with sourcing of transactional services from global R&D companies, we have strong control of our development projects.

We deploy our unique capabilities for either self-funded development of full fermentation processes or for partnering on joint development projects, where we can leverage synergies from our existing activities.

I have never worked in company, which moves so fast. Our size combined with people’s passion and drive, dramatically accelerate how fast data is applied and decisions are made. Impressive.

Martin Plambech, Chief Executive Officer

Partnering approach – agile and focus on de-risking

As a small biotech company, we have the luxury of a short distance from decision to action and offer direct access to the final decision makers. This provides high agility, which translate directly into faster execution to the benefit of our partners.

Development projects can hold significant investments of resources and capital. For any company this is a scarce resource, but especially true and critical for small biotech companies. Therefore, we have a strong focus on clear stop-go decision points within relevant time horizons to ensure success or failure is recognized as soon as possible with as few resources as possible.

This approach to de-risking project investments will ensure Biosyntia and our partners to maximize return on investments in development projects.

Finally, given our company size as well as our philosophy, for us every partner is a strategic partner. This translates into highly dedicated and partner-centric teams, which will go the extra mile to make a collaboration a success.

Be part of the ride

We believe that innovation will help drive the world into a greener, bio-based future. We have a passion for this challenge and for each other. Contact us if you want to be part of the future with us.