Vision – with commercial solutions we build a better tomorrow

Biological solutions have the potential to not only reduce production costs, but also offer higher quality solutions and significantly reduce environmental impact compared to other processes such as chemical synthesis. We believe that biotech innovation can unlock this potential of biological solutions and drive the world into a greener, bio-based future.

At Biosyntia, we have a passion for this challenge and to solve it. We believe our technology is part of the solution and can enable the development of new, natural ingredients. Natural ingredients, which are a cost-effective alternative to chemical based ingredients.

We have the ambition and potential to create a greener tomorrow by enabling a global conversion from chemical to biological products.

Henrik Dalbøge, Working Chairman

Facts – our company in brief

Biosyntia was founded in 2012 by Hans Genee, Morten Sommer and Andreas Laustsen. Today, we are a small biotech company of 16 passionate scientists and business developers.

We have our own lab facilities, which enable us to do the core development activities in-house. This capability combined with sourcing of transactional services from global R&D companies, we have strong control of our development projects.

Biosyntia has filed several patents to protect our novel development platform: Biosynthetic selections™. Based on this platform, we are developing several natural ingredients.

Our technology and company has won several recognitions, including being one of the most innovative SMEs in Europe

(EuropaBio’s, 2016) and one of the most promising cleantech start-ups (Nordic Cleantech Open, 2015).

The company is financed by both research grants and equity investments from Novo Seeds. In total, our company has raised approximately 6 million USD till date. Novo Seeds is an active investor and holds a portfolio of more than 21 life-science companies. Novo Seeds is part of Novo A/S, a global investor, which holds more than 47 billion USD in assets.

Biosyntia is located at a startup incubator (Symbion) in Copenhagen, just a few kilometers from the center of Copenhagen city. The greater region surrounding Copenhagen is a center for biotech development, holding more than 150 biotech companies.


Morten Sommer

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Morten is a Professor at the Department of Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark and group leader at NNF CfB.

Morten Sommer did his doctorial research in Biophysics at Harvard University and his post doctorial training at Harvard Medical School.

Morten Sommer has founded 3 other biotech companies (Synercure 2011, Microlytic 2006, Formbion 2004), has authored numerous scientific papers, and is the inventor on >10 issued patents.

For his research accomplishments Morten Sommer has received numerous awards, including the research prizes of Direktør Ib Henriksens Fonds Forskerpris (2010) and the Hartmann Foundation (2006).

Hans Genee

Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Hans did his doctoral and postdoctoral training in biotechnology at the NNF Center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark with additional training from Harvard University in the group of Professor George Church and from UC Berkeley / the Joint Bio-Energy Institute in the group of professor Jay Keasling.

Hans holds personal awards for Exceptional Achievements (McKinsey & Co.), Top 10 European Biotech Entrepreneurs under 30, and has authored numerous scientific papers and patents. Hans co-founded Biosyntia and currently heads the R&D.

Martin Plambech

Chief Commercial Officer

Martin has for several years worked with global business development within Novozymes, where he was responsible for commercializing new biotech platforms to new markets.

Responsibilities included building global partnerships and strategy development & execution.

Martin has also worked for Boston Consulting Group in both Europe and Australia and on projects involving M&A due diligences, strategy development, operational effectiveness and PMI management.

Finally, Martin has execution and management experience from roles such as Head of Sales within Hilti Denmark and as a First Lieutenant of the Reserve in the Danish Army.

Luisa Simona Gronenberg

PhD, Research Scientist

Louisa is a metabolic engineering scientist at Biosyntia. Luisa holds a B.Sc. with Honors in Chemistry from the University of Arizona and an M.Sc. and PhD in Chemistry and Chemical Biology from Harvard University, where she was a recipient of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship and worked in the laboratory of Prof. Daniel Kahne.

Prior to joining Biosyntia, Luisa spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow in the Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology Laboratory at UCLA, where she led an ARPA-E-funded research team in engineering novel carbon fixation cycles into bacteria.

Bo Salomonsen

PhD, Research Scientist

Bo is a metabolic engineering scientist at Biosyntia. Bo holds a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and an M.Sc.Eng degree in Biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark.

He obtained his Ph.D. at University of Copenhagen at the DNRF Center of Excellence for Dynamic Molecular Interactions (DynaMo).

Bo has a broad expertise within different heterologous expression systems where he has worked with plant, yeast, filamentous fungi and bacteria.

The majority of his work has revolved around establishing stable expression systems for high-throughput metabolic engineering of complex biosynthetic pathways.

Lasse Holm Lauridsen

PhD, Research Scientist

Lasse received his doctoral degree in biotechnology in 2015 from the NNF Center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark.

Lasse holds M.Sc. in Pharmacy from the University of Copenhagen with training in organic chemistry from the Max Planck institute for Molecular Physiology.

In 2015 Lasse was awarded a total of 3M DKK together with Biosyntia, DTU and Innovation Fund Denmark for an Industrial Postdoc position at Biosyntia.

He now takes part in developing Biosyntia’ core technology for future projects.

Josephine Buerger

PhD candidate

Josi is a PhD candidate at Biosyntia supported by MetaRNA, a European research-training network (ITN).

She holds a BSc from the University of St Andrews in Biology and Logic & Philosophy of Science, where she was awarded a Rector’s Scholarship, and an MRes from Imperial College in Molecular Plant and Microbial Science.

Her previous research has been funded by the BPS Small Grant Scheme as well as the Wellcome Trust.

She has also participated in outreach programmes for the Natural History Museum in London.

Anne Pihl Bali

PhD candidate

Anne is a PhD candidate at Biosyntia and holds an M.Sc.Eng degree with Honors in Biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark, Delft Technical University and Nanyang Technical University.

Anne has been involved in several projects concerning metabolic engineering and synthetic biology including the student-driven, double award winning DTU-iGEM project 2014.

Carlos G. Acevedo-Rocha

PhD, Research Scientist

Carlos is a protein and metabolic engineering scientist at Biosyntia.

Carlos holds a “cum laude” PhD in molecular biotechnology from the Max Planck Institute and the Technical University Munich.

During his PhD at the lab of Nediljko Budisa, Carlos developed new approaches to improve proteins based on genetic code engineering (xenobiology). He then did postdoctoral training in biocatalysis and protein directed evolution at the lab of Manfred T. Reetz.

Carlos is interested in the potential of synthetic biology for developing real-world applications using protein, metabolic and genome engineering guided by systems biology approaches.

Nils Myling-Petersen

M.Sc., Research Scientist

Nils is a research assistant at Biosyntia and holds an M.Sc.Eng degree in Biotechnology from the Technical University of Denmark and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability.

He has published biotechnological research experience in yeast and was awarded the Novo Scholarship for his master thesis regarding genetic instability in metabolically engineered bacteria.

Nils is fascinated by the possibilities that biodiversity, evolution and metabolic engineering can provide for establishment of sustainable, bio-based productions.

Madhuri Kyasaram

M.Sc., Research Scientist

Description coming…

Max Van ‘t Hof

M.Sc., Research Scientist

Max is a recent graduate of the educational programme Life Science & Technology at Delft University of Technology.

He did his master thesis at the groups “Industrial Microbiology” and “Environmental Biotechnology” of the Biotechnology department of Delft University of Technology.

Max was part of the iGEM 2015 team of Delft University of Technology, which was awarded several prizes during the Giant Jamboree, became Grand Prize Winner in the overgraduate division, and received the UfD-IHC Teamwork award for TU Delft-based team achievements with an innovative and unique performance.

Nina Ohlhues

B.Sc. Student, Research Scientist

Nina is an intern at Biosyntia. She has a B.Sc. in Biotechnology from the University of Copenhagen, and will begin her M.Sc. in Biotechnology after the internship.

Sven Hollmann

B.Sc. Student, Research Scientist

Sven Hollmann is a B.Sc. Student at the Department of Biotechnology and Medicine at the Technical University of Denmark. Sven is a top performing student and besides his studies is he enrolled in the exclusive youth leadership program; High Performance Talents.

For his academic accomplishments Sven Hollmann has won competitions within micro biology and innovation. He also received a scholarship awarded by the principal of his highschool, for the social value he developed.

Sven Hollmann is a board member in Society for Biological Engineering (SBE.DTU), where he works to build bridges between students, academic research and the industry.

William Kaffka

B.Sc. Student, Business Analyst

Description coming…

Vidor Német

M.Sc. Student, Business Analyst

Vidor is a part of the commercial team. He currently studies at Copenhagen Business School’s Strategy, Organization and Leadership M.Sc. program. He holds a B.Sc. in International Economics and a BA in Social Sciences.

Vidor is able to connect and mobilize different fields of knowledge and see things from multiple points of view at the same time. His main area of interest is strategy and he used to be an active chess competitor.


Olivier Frances

M.Sc. Student, Business Analyst

Olivier is part of the commercial team at Biosyntia. He is currently a M.Sc. student in Economics at the Toulouse School of Economics. He holds a B.Sc. in Economics from both the University of Reading and the University of Toulouse 1 Capitole.

From what he learned during his studies in environmental and resource economics, Olivier is convinced that the methods and expertise of Biosyntia, joining ecological purpose to economic performances, are the most likely to support innovation in order to establish a better sustainable manufacturing process.

Tian Yu

B.Sc. Student, Business Analyst

Tian Yu is a business analyst in the commercial team of Biosyntia. She is a B.Sc. Student in Finance at Renmin University of China, and currently an exchange student at Copenhagen Business School.

With the knowledge of financial skills and markets in different regions, Yu can use market data to make a comparable evaluation of the company from a bigger picture and assess the current market position.

Irina Ionescu

PhD, Research Scientist

Description coming…

Board of Directors

Henrik Dalbøge

Working Chairman

Henrik has through more than 30 years been involved in the establishment and growth of the international biotech and life science industry in Denmark.

Henrik has worked in Chr. Hansen, Novozymes, Novo Nordisk, and Nordisk Gentofte, from where he has substantial business, strategy and scientific experience in industries ranging from biopharmaceuticals, food ingredients, animal feed, dietary supplement, and infant nutrition.

He has been responsible for development of several commercialized products both within the biopharmaceutical- and the industrial biotechnology area, and he has led the creation of successful business operations with high and very profitable growth rates.

Morten Sommer

Co-founder & Board Member

Morten is a Professor at the Department of Systems Biology at the Technical University of Denmark and group leader at NNF CfB.

Morten Sommer did his doctorial research in Biophysics at Harvard University and his post doctorial training at Harvard Medical School.

Morten Sommer has founded 3 other biotech companies (Synercure 2011, Microlytic 2006, Formbion 2004), has authored numerous scientific papers, and is the inventor on >10 issued patents.

For his research accomplishments Morten Sommer has received numerous awards, including the research prizes of Direktør Ib Henriksens Fonds Forskerpris (2010) and the Hartmann Foundation (2006).

Søren Møller

Board Member, Novo Seeds

Søren joined Novo A/S in October 2011 as Managing Investment Director of Novo Seeds.

Søren obtained his MSc degree from the Technical University of Denmark in 1993 and his PhD degree in molecular biology in 1997 from the Technical University of Denmark. In addition, Søren has academic training as postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine.

Prior to joining Novo Seeds, Søren served as global manager of Bioinformatics and Genomics at Novozymes. Before Novozymes, Søren was CSO and Vice President of R&D at Exiqon A/S where he was responsible for development of microRNA based products for life science research, pharma services and diagnostics. Previously, Søren worked in cancer drug development as head of Lead Identification at BioImage and as research scientist at Novo Nordisk.

Søren also serves on the Board of Directors of Affinicon, AMRA, Reapplix A/S and RSPR Pharma. And since 2008, Søren has been board member of Danish Biotech (the Association of Biotechnology Industries in Denmark).

Søren Carlsen

Board Member, Industry Executive

Søren was CSO of Novozymes/Novo Nordisk Enzyme Business 1994-2000 and Managing Partner of Novo Ventures and Novo Seeds 2000-2015. Søren co-founded  “DanskBiotek” (Danish association of Biotech Companies)  in 1987 and was chairman from 1994-2012. He has extensive leadership and operational experience and has for the last 15 years been involved in Board work in various Danish and international companies in the life science sector.


Dr. Hans-Peter Hohmann

Advisor, Industry Expert

Has over 30 years of experience with biobased vitamin production from Roche Vitamins and DSM Nutritional products. As a world leading authority on biobased vitamins Dr. Hohmann has developed biobased processes for various compounds, including. vitamin B2 and vitamin C.

Dr. Bernhard Hauer

Advisor, Industry Expert

Is head of the Institute of Technical Biochemistry and professor at the University of Stuttgart. Prior to his university career he was Vice President of Research and head of the biocatalysis research group at BASF SE, Ludwigshafen. He is active on several advisory boards, editorial boards as well as scientific societies.

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