A catalyst for change

Our technology represents a paradigm shift in how the world develops biological solutions. A shift with the potential to catalyze a conversion from chemical to biological production of natural ingredients.

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Rethinking biological engineering

Our biosynthetic selections technology represents a paradigm shift in the strain development cycle, where we let biology outcompete today’s focus on automation of traditional technologies. This allows us to develop natural solutions at an unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Our technology

We are creating tomorrow
– today!

We are developing several new natural ingredients, which can offer new positioning, pricing and cost-saving opportunities for our partners. We both fully develop fermentation processes as well as conduct jointly development projects.

Our product

Guaranteed agility and a partner-centric experience

As a small biotech company, we quickly convert decisions into action. We have a high focus on critical stop-go decision points to de-risk development projects as well as a high dedication to succeeding with our partners.

Our partnering approach

Be part of the ride

We believe that innovation will help drive the world into a greener, bio-based future. We have a passion for this challenge and for each other. Contact us if you want to be part of the future with us.